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Atlantic Coast Pipeline holds job fair in Augusta County, Virginia

AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is searching across several states for those who want to work on the project and now they’re looking in the Valley.

The fair was held at the Augusta County Expo and drew people from all over, like Mike Fassett, who was from North Carolina.

“I was actually welding in South Carolina last week so I didn’t make it to any of the North Carolina seminars,” Fassett said.

He was just like everyone else there, looking for construction work on the proposed pipeline.

“I’ve always wanted to get on the pipeline. I’ve been a welder for the last twenty years,” Fassett said. “Just got my CWI and ASNT certification so I figured this is a great opportunity to come out and see what they had to offer.”

Aaron Ruby with Dominion Energy, said there will be more than 17,000 jobs across West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.

“In Virginia alone, we’re talking about 8,000 new jobs, this pipeline is going to support,” said Ruby. “And these are good paying, middle class, construction jobs. These are folks that make, at an entry level, twenty to twenty-five dollars an hour.”

While some were there looking for work, others, like Nancy Sorrels, wanted to send a message, saying they don’t want the pipeline.

“They’re doing their job and we’re doing our job for our community and we just wanted to, we wanted to make sure that people know the reality of this situation and the truth,” said Sorrels. “So we were there to try and be front and center about the truth about what’s going to happen.”

If you missed the job fair, you can find more information about those jobs here

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